Strawberry Freezer Jam

Strawberry Freezer Jam 4 ingredients


Strawberry Freezer Jam4 Ingredients – Make this wonderfully fresh, delicious and versatile Strawberry Freezer Jam in just a few minutes AND without cooking or processing in a water bath! 

With just 4 ingredients you can make a Strawberry Freezer Jam that will make your tongue want to slap your mouth!!! This isn’t just jam, it’s a spread that can be used to top off toast, cheesecake, pound cake, ice cream, or used as the puree’ to make homemade strawberry ice cream, and more!

Turkey Mafia & NTWF Hunt at Federwild

The cast of Turkey Mafia, along with representatives from NWTF visited Federwild Plantation for world-class quail hunting on January, 4, 2017, as well as, a beautiful sunset the evening before…

What are you waiting for? Contact us to book your hunt today and enjoy everything that Federwild Plantation has to offer—including spectacular sunsets!!